George received prestigious accolade of UK Skills National Training Award winner for his continued commitment over many years to working with individuals and their families who are disenfranchised by addictions and wider social issues across the North East of England

George started training as a counsellor in 2003 and qualified with a Diploma in person centered practice in 2005 before going on to complete a Master of Arts in Social Sciences and Health at Durham University in 2006. 

George invests a great deal of time in developing and delivering innovative and dynamic drug and alcohol awareness and harm prevention programs all developed & delivered using ‘lived experience’ perspectives.

George is a creative thinker who over the years has developed and supported many programs and initiatives all of which are aimed at improving the lives of socially excluded individuals and their families who are affected by alcohol and drugs.

Please feel free to get in touch and lets discuss how i can support you or your company to do more great things.

7 thoughts on “WELCOME”

  1. Fit like i would like to say a big thank you for the training you gave us on thursday and friday it really rung true with me. Kevin campbell

  2. Yea man
    The training was so amazing actually buzzing if wasn’t full of flu still. Can’t wait to get this up and running. So glad I asked Wayne well didn’t ask I told him I wanted this training lol. Hoping that we do it again as still lots of family members here wanted to do it. I do wish all trainers were like you as I took so much in and absorbed it more than any other training I’ve done. Am normally always bouncing in getting into trouble but dam flu killed the bounce but it be back asap. You are an inspiration and if I can be half of what you are I’ll be so chufted. After losing my partner to suicide I was broken but something he always said was thank you for helping me every step of his journey and I would do amazing thing helping others and that’s what made me do what I do and I love it and want to do more to help people of all ages as feel up here families are over looked. OMG writing a book lol. You’ve kite the fire inside even more than it was before such a big THANK YOU hope see you again soon at events much love from north forum Aberdeenshire

  3. Hey George,It’s Louise from training at Addaction in south Ayrshire, just wanted to say,u r amazing,ur journey and how far uve came are so inspirational,CRAFT is Frickn awesome n an amazing tool to help family’s helping there loved one,my mum n dad thankyou for giving their daughter new skills and confidence 😊,x

  4. George, that was fantastic training this week and its really made me think about how I am interacting with my service users – I just wanted to say thank you so much. Chris

  5. We welcomed George and Issy into Framwellgate School Durham to present a Drug/Alcohol Awareness and Harm Prevention session to our Y12 students. What can I say?! Wow!
    Both George and Issy are such warm individuals with very important personal stories. The session was described by students as ‘scary’, ‘impactful’, ‘powerful’, ‘effective’, ‘informative’, That was exactly what we wanted.
    Thank you SO much. I can’t recommend you both enough. Keep making a difference and I can’t wait to welcome you back again soon. #JustSayKnow

  6. Hey George
    Very good session las Friday. Felt we could have done with a bit more time but leave them begging for more is a good strategy. I’ll be using the Happiness Scale with my SMART groups. It’s a good way to prize the lid off and dismantle a
    really smooth “Check In”. Thanks.
    Warm regards

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