Staff from Aberdeenshire ADP completing their CRAFT Training

Over the past 10 years i have gained recognition as the leading voice across the UK who promotes and trains individuals, practitioners & companies in the global evidence based Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) approach.

You can learn more about the CRAFT approach and book on to the online Zoom Training in deliver in partnership with Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs here.

Supported by 20 years of peer-reviewed research, Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) is a comprehensive behavioral program that teaches families to optimise their impact while avoiding confrontation or detachment. In CRAFT family members are told their Love Has Power !!

CRAFT is extremely successful at influencing treatment- refusing alcohol and drug users to enter treatment. Across a number of clinical research studies, CRAFT consistently gets 64%-86% of cases into treatment, typically after only five sessions.

I feel extremely proud to be the only independent accredited UK based Trainer & Supervisor delivering UK wide CRAFT practitioner training & supervision. I take great personal pride being the only ‘individual’ trainer & supervisor’ in the UK to be endorsed by CRAFT Founder & Emeritus Professor Robert J Meyers from the University of New Mexico in the USA. 

I have delivered CRAFT practitioner Training & Supervision at a local, regional and national level to many organisations all of whom find my subject knowledge and training style second to none.

My extensive knowledge of the CRAFT methodology & approach has has afforded me with the chance to train in excess of 500 practitioners all of whom when completed the practitioner training and put CRAFT into practice felt the approach brought huge benefits not only to their own clinical practice but also in seeing its transformational value in supporting whole family recovery in families when putting concerned significant others front and centre and at the heart of the intervention.

I offer Community Reinforcement and Family Training to organisations and individual practitioners across the UK and would welcome an opportunity to discuss with you how CRAFT can benefit not only you but your service and those that access your services.

I will be running a number of CRAFT Practitioner Training Courses across the year, both face to face and also on Zoom so please feel free to get in touch if you or your organisation would like to have me come and deliver this wonderful evidence based whole family recovery training course.

It was totally wonderful to be able to head back to Scotland and deliver CRAFT practitioner training for South Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership. Everyone of the participants loved the CRAFT approach and left feeling excited about putting their new CRAFT skills into practice. I cant wait to follow the progress of these awesome group of CRAFT Trained practitioners who are all CRAFT DAFT!! See the evaluations below!

Great training with South Ayrshire in March, always love the enthusiasm of those i train,
Never a dull moment, CRAFT is such a positive program which teaches your love has power!!

I deliver CRAFT Practitioner Training across the whole of the UK so please feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements. My Training comes highly recommended will all participants offering extremely positive feedback my training. Please see some of the feedback below:

George, you were absolutely fantastic, i was gripped for the whole 3 days of CRAFT training. You made the whole training & learning experience so engaging, emotive and interesting. You are such an inspiration & fantastic at what you do, best training experience I’ve had since working in this field”

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